Research indicates that 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Consumers are becoming more and more aware that what they put on their bodies is just as important as what they choose to put in them, and as a result the global market for natural skin care is one of the fastest growing segments in the beauty industry.
Mont Echo Naturels is a small Quebec skin care company with a big mission: to bring consumers 100% natural products with clinical results that rival their chemically enhanced counterparts. It’s an exciting goal – one with major implications in the industry. And here’s what’s really thrilling: after more than seven years of research, focus and commitment, we have succeeded.
But to understand where Mont Echo is today, you need to know how it began. This is our story.


Mont Echo was born out of the discovery of the benefits of Sea Buckthorn by its president, Brad Johnson. A trained biochemist, he was diagnosed with a rare cancer of the head and neck at age 27. He subsequently underwent nine months of aggressive radiation and chemotherapy.

The same year, Brad’s Finnish father-in-law planted one of Quebec’s first Sea Buckthorn orchard, and Brad was intrigued by the purported therapeutic qualities of the plant. As he learned more about Sea Buckthorn’s extraordinary nutritional profile, Brad realized the potential of the plant for skincare applications. The historic use of Sea Bauckthorn oils to combat burns, skin damage, and trauma from radiation struck a particular chord with Bradley, who was himself dealing with the devastating effects of radiation treatments. He decided to develop products to nourish the skin from the inside out using the fruit planted by his father-in-law.

Once in remission, Bradley used the first harvest from the family orchard to experiment, test and develop protocols for the transformation and extraction of the fruit, and created his first suite of 100% natural skincare products. He then began the commercialization of the products and installed a boutique and Sea Buckthorn interpretive centre in the village of Lac Brome in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

Today, Mont Echo has grown beyond its humble roots, increasing its production capacity and allowing the introduction of new products; however, Brad’s initial vision remains evident in the company mission: quality, commitment to the local farmers and sustainability.

Brad Johnson


  • EFFECTIVE: Mont Echo strives to offer products which outperform expectations while respecting the health of its customers and the environment.
  • TRACEABLE: Our Sea Buckthorn fruit and seed oils, which are the featured ingredients of our products and the reason for their efficacy, are harvested exclusively from Canadian orchards, including our own. This commitment to local growers guarantees our customers receive the full benefits of the fruit.
  • MADE WITH 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The plethora of available industry certifications for “natural” cosmetics can be confusing and misleading. We have chosen to offer 100% natural beauty products that go beyond existing organic or ecological certifications.
  • PACKAGED WITH CARE: Airless packaging offers tremendous benefits for natural beauty products. It prevents oxidation, increases the life of the product, prevents the alteration of sensitive ingredients, and provides maximum protection against bacteria by sealing the product from the outside environment. Our packaging is recycled and/or recyclable.
  • CRUELTY-FREE: We will never test or allow our products to be tested on animals and we are firmly in opposition of all animal testing or cruelty.
  • SUSTAINABLE: At each step, from culture to marketing, Mont Echo is committed to finding and implementing actions to minimize its environmental footprint and promote sustainable development.