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Unique in the world, thanks to its exceptional properties, sea buckthorn floral water deeply soothes skin. It preserves and strengthens our natural barrier by maintaining a neutral ph. It prepares the skin for the application of oils, serums and creams. It is particularly gentle and perfectly tolerated by even the most sensitive skin.


Please note: like most floral waters, this product has a unique and specific scent. This scent may change as the product matures, however, the efficacy is not altered.

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Key active ingredients*: 

Sea Buckthorn Floral Water: The floral water has a pH of 4.0 providing antiseptic and astringent toning effects while preserving the skins acid mantle, perfect for sensitive or problem skin.  Sea Buckthorn floral water has also exhibited extremely potent antioxidant activity and its ability to refine the structure and texture of the skin makes it an ideal anti-ageing ingredient.  The chemistry of Sea Buckthorn floral water is quite unique being high in the anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxing esters, the skin healing, regenerative properties of esters and ketones, the skin-softening aromatic acids and even some ingredients that are currently under investigation as anti-cancer compounds.


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