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Authentic Testimonial: How Sea Buckthorn Oil Overcame My Scalp Psoriasis

Posted by Mariane Thiffault on
femme qui a des démangeaisons du cuir chevelu

“After almost 3 weeks of using your sea buckthorn oil, here are my comments on it:

The color and texture of the product are pleasant. We really have the impression that the essence of the little fruit is present. I can sense the aroma of sea buckthorn through the oil.

Before using it, I stopped washing my hair for a few days. I wanted to perceive the real effect of the oil without other products (shampoo or conditioner).

As soon as I felt an itch (psoriasis) in the base part of my scalp, I immediately applied your product by massaging a small amount of oil into the uncomfortable areas.

The sensation when applying is pleasant and the effect is almost immediate.

The itching stopped right away. In the days that followed, I added it two or three times in certain places more precisely.

I can definitely say that today, the healing effect of your sea buckthorn oil is permanent, even with the resumption of washing my hair every two days, approximately.

I only add your sea buckthorn oil very rarely as I no longer feel itching. »

Testimony of Mr. L. Maltais from Varennes, QC

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