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Mont Echo’s skincare products received outstanding results in a clinicial study. The study confirmed customer feedback on the five core products which indicated noteable improvement in skin texture, tone, suppleness and regeneration:

• Subjects noticed a decrease in the number of brown spots and hyperpigmentation of up to 78% after 56 days of using the concept, an incredible result for a range of products using no artificial ingredients or additives.

• The colorimetric analysis of cross-polarized photographs also shows a significant decrease on average of 14% of total spots after 56 days

• An average of 89% of women observed a more even and more radiant complexion after 56 days of use

• A remarkable increase in skin hydration, which is rather surprising considering that the subjects were not selected on criteria of dry skin:

- 96% of women said their skin looked more hydrated after only 14 days (100% after 28 days)

- with an average increase in hydration of 71% for the duration of the study scientifically determined by measuring corneometry after 56 days of use

• 91% of subjects noticed that their skin had a more youthful appearance

• 83% noticed a reduction in pore size after only 28 days of product use

• Nearly three quarters of women participating in the study noted a reduction of fine lines and an increase in skin tone after a month of use

• 100% of women who participated in the study noted that their skin was more supple after just 1 month of use of the products

• After 56 days of using the 5 products, 87% of women noticed that their skin had a more youthful, smoother and more radiant appearance

• 100% of subjects noted a softer skin