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Powder mask for the face

Mont Echo

Powder mask for the face


Powder mask for the face enriched with 100% sea buckthorn from Quebec


A nutritious and rejuvenating powder mask and scrub for all skin types, formulated with dried sea buckthorn fruits and a variety of carefully selected organic and wild ground herbs. Ground oats and almond flour provide a conditioning base while sea buckthorn, marshmallow root and rosehip nourish skin and diminish the appearance of fine lines. Lavender flowers, calendula flowers and chamomile flowers soothe, tone and diminish the appearance of pores.

Directions: Mix a small amount of powder with the cleanser to form a paste (1:1). Apply a reflective layer to the face with your fingertips, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 15 minutes then remove with lukewarm water.

Main active ingredients* :

Sea Buckthorn Powder : Contains the essential fatty acid Omega 6 and more importantly, the rare and highly sought after Omega 7 fatty acid. Research shows that Omega 7 supports and soothes the skin and mucous membranes. It also helps skin repair and cell regeneration.

Oats : Oats are used in a variety of cosmetic and medical products intended for external use, to treat eczema, acne and dry skin. Oatmeal has excellent emollient properties, helps treat dry skin and acts as a softener on sensitive skin. It also helps reduce skin irritation whether habitual or caused by adverse weather conditions and plays as important a role in the treatment of older skin as it does problem skin.

Marshmallow Root : Improves skin hydration levels as well as stimulates dermal structure and promotes the healing process while reducing signs of aging and inflammation.

Calendula extract : thanks to the presence of carotenoids in its chemical composition, calendula allows the effective reformation of the epithelium, which is ideal for healing, eczema and to combat the signs of aging. The presence of essential oil and salicylic acid gives it an antimicrobial and antioxidant action, which results in a beneficial antiseptic action for any infection including acne.

Rosehip : Apart from its hydrating, soothing and softening effect, the fruit of the rosehip contains polyunsaturated fatty acids (vitamin F) also known as essential fatty acids, and when absorbed by the skin, they transform in prostaglandins (PGE), active in the regeneration of tissues and cell membranes. It contains transretinoic acid, responsible for skin rejuvenation and accelerates healing. It improves the appearance of skin excessively exposed to sunlight and the effects of photoaging. The linoleic acids in rose hips have also been shown to reduce skin pigmentation and when used regularly, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Full list of ingredients: Organic and wild ground oats, sea buckthorn fruits, rose buds, lavender flowers, calendula flowers, purple clover, chamomile flowers, marshmallow and rosehip roots, organic almond flour

Made in Quebec

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is my Mont Echo product good for?

    All our products are made from 100% natural Sea Buckthorn. Most of our products are good for 6 through 12 months once opened. 
  • Can I use it on any kind of skin?

    We have distinct products for every skin typeWe recommend using our products that represent your skin type.

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